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Polish people keep coming to the UK as it is seen as a popular and successful move. This continues a long tradition and serves to keep on building the strong ties between the British and Poles in UK.

Statistics by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland have highlighted this trend. 17 million Polish people have emigrated from Poland to stay for a time or to live indefinitely in the UK and worldwide. The Polish community, despite a slow- down for a short period, continues to expand.

Polish culture

Because of this growth a large quantity and variety of Polish businesses and groups have sprung up all over England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There is now a very profitable Polish market. You can just as easily find a Polish cafe, bistro, shop or other business next to one owned by a UK citizen. Polish schools and language schools have also been created to serve this growing Polish community.

Polish culture has not been forgotten either, and many Polish dance and singing groups have been established, such as a Polish Choir. Polish and UK cultures also have found outlets to bring the two communities together through joint initiatives.

Polish market

Poles in UK are well educated and continue to advance themselves by attending colleges and universities across the nation. This in turn leads to increased opportunities for growth and gives an extra boost to the Polish market.

A baby boom in the UK has been boosted by babies being born in the UK to Polish or mixed UK and Polish parents than other non-UK nations.

Some quick fact about Poles in UK:

  • Around one million Poles live in the UK today
  • The majority of the Polish population in the UK are aged from 21-35
  • Around 50% of Polish nationals have been resident in the UK for more than three years
  • Polish workers average weekly pay is around £424 and £395 for UK employees (The Guardian newspaper)