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phone mobile provides marketing and communication services aimed at the Polish business community and the Polish market in general. We are free from the constraints of working with just one or two particular media organisations. This means we can get your company the most creative, cost-effective and flexible deals possible.

Our knowledge of Polish culture means we know what works when it comes to getting your message across, regardless of whether your business is in finance, commerce, law, retail or publishing.

At we are only too aware that British or European media channels have their own distinctive equivalents abroad. For instance, did you know that and are more popular than LinkedIn or Ebay in Poland? We have extensive contacts with the media – in editorial and advertising – throughout Poland as well as familiarity with channels accessing the Polish community worldwide. We are also happy to work with any Polish media on particular projects.

At we are happy to accept your brief in either English or Polish.

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Online Media

As in most countries around the globe, social media and other forms of online networking and communications are big – and getting bigger every day - in Poland.

But it’s not quite as simple as just accessing regular social media channels. Those not familiar with the Polish market may miss the fact that GG is more popular than MSN and is in fact on a par with Skype. . Also, Google is popular but many Polish people have never heard of other well-recognised search engines such as Bing or Yahoo.


Broadband access is limited in Poland, making print a valuable resource to reach.

At we have excellent contacts with all the main daily, regional and weekly newspapers in Poland, allowing us to easily access our targeted market groups.


Outdoor advertising – ie posters, neon lighting, bus adverts - is still very popular in Poland. At we have excellent contacts in this field and have spent years negotiating deals for our clients.