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The United Kingdom has moved up from 4th place in 2010 to become Poland's second largest export market at year-end 2011. On the back of strong demand for Polish food, automotives, and commodities from UK consumers and industry, Poland now counts the UK as a more importnat esport market than France. Only Germany is a bigger export market for Poland.

According to official British trade statistics for 2011, the value of Poland exports to UK increased 17%, while bilateral trade exceeded £11.4 billion, up 16%. Poland export to the UK products exceeded £7 billion, while the value of British exports to Poland exceeded £4.3 billion, an increase of 14%

Poland is rapidly becoming a more and more significant trading partner for the UK, being now the UK's 16th biggest import source (from 25th largest in 2005) and 19th largest export market (26th largest market in 2005). The UK imports nearly as much from Poland as from Russia, and the Polish market for UK exports looks likely to exceed Australia in 2012.

Source: BPCC