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The current financial crisis has encouraged companies to seek different customers. An influx of Polish immigrants has revealed new markets, opening fresh avenues of opportunity for revenue.

Through a network of marketing and media contacts (traditional and online) we are able to guarantee you access in terms of geography and specific interest groups.  This applies to Polish people in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, Belgium and Netherlands as well as those in Poland itself.


Media Plan

Let us coordinate your message and branding. Our knowledge of Polish media, trends and customer behaviour helps us set an extremely effective strategy for your business.

At we insist on meeting for an initial in-depth interview to get to know you and your company well. The second stage is to produce an integrated media plan, complete with detailed communication channels and geographical targets. To do that, we have at our disposal a number of media such as banner advertising, sponsored articles, classified boards, discussion forums, business directories, Google AdWords, social marketing, email marketing and print media.

Finally we will furnish you with feedback and valuable statistics on how your campaign fared and where any gaps need to be filled.