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Polish Media Planning and Buying

Picklemedia Consultancy Ltd is your Polish media boutique. We specialise in professional media planning and buying services aimed at Polish customers in the UK, Poland and other EU countries. Once identified, we will target your key audience to bring the best results possible. We’ll prove this by providing you with a fully-costed budget showing you exactly where your spend was invested. We use mostly following channels to traget Polish markets:

  • Online: Polish social media, Picklemedia Network, Polish Popular lifestyle websites, theme networks, emailing, optimisation & Polish link building
  • Performance-based online campaign: developing affiliate programs in Poland, CPA/CPC campaigns, Remarketing Campaigns
  • Press: local/national newspapers, theme magazines, producing dedicated brochures, etc
  • Event Management in the UK and Poland
  • Outdoor advertising in Poland and UK

Polish-Targeted Recruitment Consultancy

Recruitment in Poland and in the UK.

Due to the high demand for Polish employees in the UK, we have created a dedicated brand for UK businesses. supports British employers by providing skilled Polish personnel, offering recruitment advertising support in Poland and ongoing support in all acpects of recruitment work to help you find and retain the best employees possible. Find out more on

Marketing Consultancy

  • Marketing audits
  • Competitor analysis
  • Website audits including SEO
  • Developing Ad Message in Polish and English

Online Publishing

Picklemedia Consultancy Ltd is publisher of the (Polish Business Link), the first British business network for Polish and British entrepreneurs to help boost Polish businesses in the UK and encourage new British-Polish business ventures.

Research & Surveying

It is crucial to precisely target your media buying to get the highest response from customers. Media and market research is an important part of the media planning process, helping to understand the behaviour of a targeted Polish market, whether Polish in the UK or abroad. Research involves surveying the current customer base and understanding their media consumption habits, researching Polish media channels and choosing appropriate placements, as well as gathering data about users to build an appealing, effective advertising message.

Event Management

We can organise professional events, from creating the concept, through delivery to promotion. We work closely with the Polish media, who can become a media partner and spread your message across your target market.

We have extensive experience in organizing Polish business events in the UK, supported by the British Polish Chamber of Commerce. We deliver events on a regular basis in various UK locations, attended by Polish entrepreneurs, Polish professionals in the UK as well as other Polish and British organisations interested in expanding trade between Poland and the UK. More information:

Content & Video Production

If you have an important message that will interest the Polish Community, it is worth creating a PR campaign to promote your brand. We can help in editing a PR message and distributing it to the appropriate Polish media. In addition we offer professional video production in UK and Poland in order to engage with your customers via Social Media like YouTube. 

Corporate Identity

We offer a one-stop agency service and are able to provide comprehensive graphic design support to execute your campaign on time: creating Polish landing pages and websites, banner and email design, etc. All work done in-house tailored to your product or service.


To compete effectively in the vibrant Polish market you need to know the language and culture, and understand Polish business and marketing psychologies. It is vital to have an appealing message to reach Polish customers. At we offer professional marketing translation to help you engage with your audience.